What is weover.me?

weover.me is a venue for the discussion of topics which matter in our lives.  Topics which influence the decisions we make and priorities we set.

The discussion on weover.me is both online and offline.

How it works is we pick a general topic and post a set of introductory blog posts to get the discussion started online.

The next step is to post the specific format and venue for the offline/in-person discussion (usually held at the Faculty Club on the UC Berkeley campus).

The final step is a set of summary posts on the topic which are intended to provide highlights of the discussion at the Faculty Club and also bring a bit of closure to the topics raised both online and offline.

Below are a summaries of the weover.me topics to date:


weover.me #3 – There is no GOOD without GOD.

The thesis for our third weover.me debate is that “There is no GOOD without GOD.”

This debate will be between two teams of four.

One team, led by weover.me moderator Bart Garrett will argue in support of this thesis – that a higher power is a prerequisite for good in the universe.

Weover.me moderator Ezra Roizen will lead a team which will argue that good is a natural phenomenon, and that higher powers are not, necessarily, required.

Why debate this thesis?

Many argue that a higher power is a prerequisite for a moral universe. By way of example, despite our constitutional separation of Church and State, the official motto of the United States is “In God We Trust.”  In Zorach v. Clauson (1952), the Supreme Court also held that the nation’s “institutions presuppose a Supreme Being,” and that this recognition of God does not constitute the establishment of a state church.

Others feel that there is no need for a higher power to compel us to do and be good.  That, to use the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, our objective is “to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition.”  Paying-it-forward does not require an almighty supreme being, but instead, it is just an amplification of the kind of love and hope a parent feels for their child.

Weover.me feels this is a fundamental issue and its discussion will provide a great deal of insight into the underlying approach we all take to our lives, our community, and our planet.

The format for the next event is going to be a modified Oxford style debate.  In preparation for the event each of the eight debate team members are going to post their initial thoughts on the topic.  We are going to post these blogs in pairs over the next few weeks in buildup to the event at the UC Berkeley Faculty Club on Feb 21st.

We invite you to join the conversation on the blog, and to register for the event!

And if you do plan to attend the event – please make sure to register as space will be very limited.

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Summary of the eight pre-debate posts:

Post 1: Does good need God to be good?

Post 2: An Empirical Approach to the Question

Post 3: Sacrificium reflectit Bonum

Post 4: The Great Other

Post 5: You cannot spell G-O-O-D without G-O-D

Post 6: Airports, bars, Reno

Post 7:  Good For Me vs. Good For We

Post 8:  Minimalist in my belief system


weover.me #2 – On education and schools.

Part 1 – Initial Posts: The new model for schools: a five point plan – With Reply Post: Yes, But…

Part 2 – Offline Discussion: weover.me #2:: Speakers Announced, Format Formalized, Venue Confirmed!

Part 3 – Summary Posts: weover.me #2 Summary Post on Education – With Reply Post: Put the strategy before the tactics


weover.me #1 – On wealth accumulation and what it means to live a generous life.

Part 1 – Initial Post: What will you do with your billions? Or will you even choose to accumulate them? – With Reply Post: Giving Money Along the Way

Part 2 – Offline Discussion: weoverme #1 Questions teams and format

Part 3 – Summary Post: Billions: Summary Perspective: One Problem and One Solution – With Reply Post: Contribution is the Currency of Self Worth

We look forward to your contribution to the weover.me discussion.