We’re hoping weover.me can be a venue for discussion.  As Simon Sinek said in his talk at Ted: It’s not “what you do” but “why you do it.”  Weover.me exists to create conversation around ideas, values, topics, opinions, and beliefs that matter. We live, we work, and we play everyday, but on any day do we pause to think about why we do what we do? Few venues exist where honest, raw, and authentic conversation can happen around this question. weover.me exists to change this! The mission of weover.me also recognizes as its starting point that we’re better off if we try to put the needs of the “we” before the needs of “me” – but how does one actually do this?  We honor the needs of the we over me by our format: We post a blog or two on a topic, we set a date to discuss the topic (usually a Thursday evening over good wine and other delectables), and then we post a blog in follow up on the topic – and then we do it all again! And, we welcome you into the conversation.

The discussion on weover.me is moderated by two friends, Bart Garrett and Ezra Roizen.

Bart moved to the Bay Area in 2005 to start Christ Church, a multi-site church-planting movement with congregations in Berkeley and Oakland. While leading and teaching these congregations, Bart most enjoys helping others outside of the church engage and facilitate conversations around stuff that matters. He has a natural curiosity and enjoyment of life that is piqued by asking all sorts of questions to all sorts of people.

Ezra is an advisor-to, and commentor-on, new digital ventures.  His day job is with a boutique investment bank, Ackrell Capital and he also co-hosts a show on startups on Vator.tv. He attended the Haas School of Business at Cal, where he’s the chair emeritus of the Alumni Council, and UC Davis where he earned a degree in Philosophy.  He believes the clock is ticking for all of us, as the sun is expected to consume the earth in fewer than one billion years.  Until then, he’d like to make the most of the time we have, explore the meaning of life, and be a positive example for all other sentient beings.

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